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     Otakista is a website designed with only one purpose: To provide its readers and viewers with informative content about the latest happenings, events, and news around the local cosplay scene here in the Philippines.

       We also provide valuable tips to people who want to get involved into cosplay as well as insights to cosplayers, cosplay groups/organizations and shops that specialize in the said matter.

       The articles we post on our site ensure credibility as we have experienced as con-goers for the past three years. Unlike other anime sites that focus only on the entertainment value to its viewers, we try to separate ours by giving you articles as well as opinions, interviews, and interesting facts about your favorites as well as our personal say about the local industry and its effects on the country as a whole. We are pushing cosplay journalism as a true form of expression.

        We are journalists. We confirm facts before posting it to the web for everyone to view. We post articles from the con-goer point of view. A view which most people never tried to emphasize about. By doing this you are getting information that is relevant, important, and practical not only to cosplayers but also people who aren't addicted to the said hobby to expose what the industry does for all of us to enjoy.

            To provide its readers with information to whats happening in the local philippine cosplay scene.

        Equity, Equality, and Credibility in what we express to ensure that all parties are involved before making an evaluation about an issue.

About The Logo:
          By using key elements from the Philippine Flag, our logo symbolizes the nature of what we do. The sun and the star represents the nature of our site by paying tribute to our country. Using a japanese themed font exposes the anime look and feel that we want with our site.
Otakista Official Logo

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