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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Review

Gaming mice are abundant these days. Most of them are designed for aesthetics more than others. It's rare that you find a specialized gaming mouse for such specialized users, particularly FPS gamer's. Logitech is getting that slice with the G402 Hyperion Fury. A gaming mouse that is simple on the outside but packs awesome features for the modern FPS warrior. 

At first glance, the small box of the G402 might be a bit nit-pick to some. No fancy windows and glossy marketing bits to distract you from the item inside. Something you would expect from a company which has a long history of focusing more onto their R&D  than marketing. Removing the plastic shell exposes the beauty of the G402.

The Hyperion Fury looks similar to the G502 with less buttons . The eight programmable buttons allows the user to create unlimited configurations. One of them is a DPI shift button which allows the user to instantly drop the DPI of the mouse to its lowest setting by default. Perfect if you need to steady your aim for that perfect headshot.  The placement of the DPI indicator is also a nice touch. Not distracting and keeps the user notified of the DPI setting for up to five levels. The right mouse button is slightly extended to ensure proper response on users with bigger hands.

The Logitech logo pulses its aqua light indicator slowly when it is in stand-by mode. Some people might find the rubberized cable a problem but it complements the G402's design pretty well. Just in case you might find wearing the mouse too quick, the G402's pads are replaceable.   No adjustable weights on this one but it's balanced enough that it won't be a big deal for most users. It's design is focused for the right-handed so lefties might want to consider other options just in case.

Comparing with a G402 .... minus 102 :P

It's obvious that this would be a wrong comparison but since I have G300 mouse lying around, why not compare it? It's smaller than the G402 but compensates for it by having more buttons, LED's that can be color changed at any time, lighter , and to a surprise, a bigger box than the G402 (seriously!?). On the other hand, the newer G402 Hyperion Fury packs a better sensor, better ergonomics, and looks way cooler. All of that goodness for twice the price (and a smaller box XD). It's good to see how Logitech has evolved throughout the years in terms of their gaming lineup.    

The Basic Bits

The Hyperion Fury is both PC and Mac compatible ensuring that the G402 can deliver accurate tracking on any system. Standard features include a one millisecond report rate, plug-and-play usability, and Logitech's own optical sensor with Delta Zero technology for unrivaled accuracy and usability on any surface. The sensor works alongside their Fusion Engine sensor tracking technology that can track at over 500IPS (inches-per-second). You can find out more about the G402 on it's official product page.

Logitech Gaming Software

As always, the bundled Gaming Software allows you to customize the mouse settings of the G402. You can add a fifth sensitivity level and adjust the DPI shift point to any of the mentioned DPI levels. It also includes a key press heat map for statistics as well as adjustments for the G402's light settings.

Do you have a strong hand? Test it in the tracking speed panel which allows you to test the G402's sensors with and without the Fusion Engine technology. More of a marketing gimmick but convenient nonetheless. The best part? You can quickly share your scores on Twitter.

It's hard to resist the feature set of the G402 Hyperion Fury. The no-frills design along with its excellent internal components is an FPS gamer's dream.  If you are the type that is looking for your first gaming mouse then this is one of the best in its price range. FPS players will definitely enjoy fragging their opponents with the G402. Just make sure you update it to its latest firmware to take advantage of the bug fixes.

- Specially designed for FPS gamers
-  DPI Shift Button
-  Replaceable Pads
-  Fast 500IPS tracking
-  Longer right mouse button
-  Windows/Mac compatibility
-  Plug-and-play compatible

- Minor clicking issue which can be fixed by a firmware update
- Rubberized cord might by a nit-pick to some users
- Cord might get tangled with the right mouse button
- Requires a good gaming mouse pad to get the best performance
- Mouse is designed for right-handed users
- Gaming Software only works with Windows

OTK Says : "FPS Gamer? Check! - Simple Design? Check! -Fast Tracking Speed? Check! GO GET IT COWBOY! :D" 

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