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My Cosplay Message To The Public

Year 2007 I came across to a guy who open and showed me the other side of the world. To my surprise, I'd never thought that it would be possible. I thought I'll just see this characters on screens, but hey? It is possible! THE COSPLAYERS. They look different to me, and I'm going to call them unique. 

I never saw this kind of people who has this kind of talent and take every bit of opportunity to showcase what they have. They might not be good at school, or maybe just love playing online games, or maybe, just maybe, a high school dropout. Not a professional to some but some are ants who work hard for everything. Nevertheless, they are talented and responsible people who love their craft with passion and contentment. 

In the public eye they might be called as "nerds", "out of this world " or even worst, a "loser" but as humans we should be reminded of the saying "Never judge the book by its cover". You see them acting, portraying or even mimicking characters that they love while talking about episodes of an anime or an OVA movie for hours. To some they may be absurd but to them it's how they reminisce every bits and pieces of detail they love the most. 

Never laugh at them because these people are serious. They have wide range of optimism and hardship. Yes, it's costly but don't get me wrong because I can clearly see that their efforts are paying off. 

As time pass by I tried to tackle things about cosplay. I got reasonable answers. Reasonable enough for me to say that "parents may want to make their child look up on these kinds of people." 

Girlfriends! You might watch out as these kinds of people tend to be SUPER busy whenever they have an upcoming event and that it takes much of their so-called QUALITY TIME (Just kidding, but we must understand): 

  1. They are having fun, and keeping their grounds. They might take it to another level but remember that they are having a great time. 
  2. It is a stress buster for them as they get to express themselves as to who they are and what they wanted to be. 
  3. Your talent will continue to develop. Learn how to improve yourself. 
  4. Imagination. If you are happy with your selfies what more if you can have it collaborate with friends? 
They may look weird in such a way but cosplayers are eccentric, free-spirited people who are living their lives to the fullest just as they wanted.

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