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Best Of Anime 2013 Press Conference

     It was quite interesting and fun at the same time as members of the media were invited on a special press conference for this years Best Of Anime (BOA) 2013 last September 13 at one of the meeting rooms of SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. It's a great opportunity to ask their international guests and to mingle with them on a more personal level.

Joe Inoue (blue-center), STARMARIE, and the president of
PrimeTrade Asia taking a group picture after the conference

     Members of the media were required to be there at 3:30PM. The press conference started thirty minutes after starting out by introducing their international guests one by one. Firstly, Thailand's cosplayers represented by one of their top cross-dressers (cosplaying characters of opposing gender), Karael as well as their World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2011 representatives, partners Yuki Godbless and Jiaki Darkness.

Jiaki Darkness (left) and Yuki Godbless (right) answering
a question about "discontented cosplays"
     For the representatives of the Japanese community, the Japan Foundation sent Japanese-American rock musician Joe Inoue and Gothic Lolita pop group STARMARIE. Joe rose to fame when his song "CLOSER" was chosen to be the fourth opening track for "Naruto: Shippuden". STARMARIE, composed of Takamori Shino, Kishita Nozomi, and Aoki Shiori , is famous in Japan for their intense but upbeat dance tune lyrics.

Crossplayer Karael (left) listens while Joe Inoue (right)
answers a question on how to learn Japanese using manga.

    Unfortunately, cosplay sisters Alodia & Ashley Gosiengfiao were not to be seen. Their absence was easily overshadowed by the cocky and funny answers of Joe Inoue. STARMARIE was in their colorful and cute outfits. Karael was mistook by one of the members of the press as a female (Karael is a guy). Yuki and Jiaki were completely honest when they answer the questions of the press about their cosplay even though English wan't their second tongue.

STARMAIRE members Takamori Shino (left), Kishita Nozomi (center),
and Aoki Shiori (right)
introducing themselves at the start of the onference
     The best part? Everybody was stuffed when they gave out free snacks and gift packs courtesy of the Japan Foundation, Primetrade Asia, Friendster PH, Wheatgrass C.A.N, and Mt. Fuji Rice. 

Goodies. We all love goodies I suppose :D
So get ready for a jam-packed BOA. We are sure hoping for the best. 

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