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When You Take A Stand (What Otaku Communities Must Do)

Cosplay organizations show their support for the community but do
they really help or they are creating more confusion rather than appreciation?
Back in the early years (the 2010-before years) when Cosplay was just a social hobby rather than a status symbol there are people that were making a point in the community. These guys make sure that everything runs in perfect harmony making sure that there was a balance between enjoyment of the public and the hobbyists to the crafts ethics and standards. Communities must understand that certain steps must be made and points have to be understood in order for them to become a respectable and dignified organization especially when it talks about the Cosplay and Otaku scene. Should we just care about spraying mists of glamour and brainwashing our supporters full of inconvenient half-truths in order for us to be accepted?

Well let's make a realization by looking ourselves and what we had contributed. People love to judge others by what they look on the outside rather than looking on their accomplishments. That is the case with these so-called "it groups".  A group must have its own goals and plans. What do you want to show your reader? Is it to convey a message or to show the truth? Do you want to spread your hate to others or do you want to instruct them to be better with their craft while inspiring them to be responsible people? Some of you might be asking right now the same question when it comes to these groups. I have to admit that you seldom to see Cosplay organizations that act responsibly or professionally for the sake of earning fame and fortune. They tend to hitchhike on the current status of the community and by doing so they slowly devalue themselves and at the same time the whole community as a whole. A key ingredient in any successful organization is having their own ideas, intentions, and philosophies when it comes to the topic that they want to focus on. You can't basically do everything and handle everyone as if they were robots.

Another thing that they lack most is ethics. People work better in any situation if you manage them right. What you can do? Be on time. Learn to appreciate your clients (or friends if it's a meeting) for giving their valuable time. Always be polite to the other party even though your opinions don't match. There's no such thing as groups having the same ideas. Better ideas are being created when people think differently. Keep your deadlines on time and keep your promises to your friends and clients.

As for the Otaku community I always notice groups that are so very proud of themselves although they haven't achieved anything substantial to begin with. It's pride without basis. Arrogance can easily be made but do they have the right to just boast it loud that they seemed to make a change in the world? I think the ones that have made change are the ones who stay on the sidelines. The ones that are simply happy for it and confidently explaining them to others while they simply smile as they see the fruits of their own labor.

I know for sure that at this time when Cosplay is starting to be world class in the Philippines we must appreciate the value of these people. With the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) Council given us the accreditation let's do our part and make sure that we deserve it. If we don't, observers that are watching around might stop us again from reaching the "world-class" spot that we are dying to earn. For those reading this article they do exist. Be ready for them. -Chard    

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