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First Quarter Overview (2013)

There are tons of great happenings to start off the year for all of you Otaku fanatics. From the simple and phenomenal to the complex and controversial, the months from January to March were a definite standoff compared to last year. 
Official Logo for World Cosplay Summit Philippines
Let's start the year with events like "The Cosplay Market" from CNPH (Cosplay Network Philippines) allowing ordinary people to buy Otaku-related items and have their chance to try and step into the world of Otaku culture. CNPH was not being active for these past months because they are currently having preparations for this year's "Fantasy Quest 3" which will be held this coming August.

While they are brewing something big, the guys over at the University of the Philippines AME (Anime - Manga Enthusiasts) went around with their annual event titled "UPAME (1UP)" at the World Trade Center. The long lines didn't stop them from making their event a success despite improvements must be made for them to be better for their next convention.

Official Logo of PINOYKON. A convention
mostly emphasizes on Filipino Komiks and sculptures
We don't ever forget about the Philippine Komiks scene and their own "PinoyKon" did not disappoint us. It was interesting being able to be part in a convention for Filipino comic artists and lovers. Not only you can get in touch with the people behind the scene but they were a nice bunch of people working together to make sure that it lives on.

For the gamers out there, the recently concluded Cherry Convention was the place to be. The never ending supply of Slurpee and free games for everyone kept the crowd happy. Add the appearance of Addison Kang, GM Adriano, and gaming lovers Nathan (AikawaKazu) and Lizbeth and fans were delighted to see how Cherry Credits entertained the fans.
Alodia Gosiengfiao (Center) with Dragon Nest Game Master (GM)
Adriano and Producer Addison Kang. Photo Credit : AnimePH
Speaking of Cosplay, Alodia's birthday bash during the event was more of a game changer for her and for all of us. That was a perfect place to celebrate her as a person and not as a "semi-religion" figure that most of her fans usually perceive. Alodia also performed one of her singles from her j-pop group, the Super Dolls. One week after her performance, they released the official music video entitled "Asia no Henshin" (Asian Transformation) while announcing the released dates for both Japan and the Philippines.

Cosplay.PH's Cosplay Ranking System (CRS)
If you think her performance was the end of it well think again. A lot of Cosplay breakthroughs were established. Local Cosplay company, stared to implement the Cosplay Ranking System (CRS) in order to promote responsible Cosplay and to promote healthy competition into Cosplay competitions. It had mixed reviews and comments throughout the community after they trademarked the term "Cosplay" into the country without any formal announcement.

For the final surprise, local Cosplay event organizer Anime Alliance managed to get accreditation from the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Council. For now the country is currently under "Observer" status meaning we are not currently competing but are in constant evaluation for a possible official spot in next year's WCS.

What could be the next big thing by the end of the second quarter? Well we could only hope for the best. Some of the biggest events are coming in to bring you the best Cosplay and Otaku conventions. Ozine Fest, Pinoy Otaku Festival, and ToyCon are some to name a few. Will the WCS preliminaries be held within these next months?

We hope for the best and let's make sure we send to them that we can be world class. It's about damn time! 

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