August 3, 2012

How To Get Known Without Being a Fan Whore

Cosplay is with no doubt the hottest trend in pinoy pop culture. We have seen teens dressing up in their favorite characters in conventions held almost weekly. With these happenings coming around the metro, each of these cosplayers has their own reasons to cosplay. At this moment wanted to meet new friends with the similar passion for anime culture. Others just wanted the exposure and recognition, and in some cases the fame that is currently being connected with pinoy cosplay and otaku fever. Everyone can enjoy the fanfare and appreciation with the right attitude and mindset. These tips will definitely help newcomers as well as the veterans so that you can be a well-respected entity without the need to act like a fan whore. 

Cosplayer and singer Ayumi Kassinique
1. Don't HATE, EDUCATE! 
As with every successful person in any industry, the ones who know how to educate their fans are the ones who get equal respect form their fans. A well-decorated cosplayer knows that by handling hate mail in a very positive matter can render good results. Learn how to educate your fan base and learn how to handle negative thoughts. If the community you're in is in the brink of collapse, then why leave it like that? Fix the issues and stand from the rest in the process. 

2. "THANK YOU" Compensation is a NO-NO 
Most people would have been in a position like this when they are starting out. Saving their hard-earned money for being accurate for their costumes and in the end they will only receive a pat in the back. Cosplay is an art and with any art we have the right to be rewarded for your work. Most corporations are paying huge amounts of money for good cosplay. So the next time when somebody wanted you for a birthday party it's not wrong to demand for payment. You don't want to be ripped off especially when your costume is bulky that being there is a waste of time, money, and energy. 

3. Add your own PERSONAL TOUCH 
Have a fan page? Then don't let just some admin rule over your fans. Be enthusiastic and try to answer their questions as much as you could. When in conventions, don't wear your costume first and be active in socializing with other people around you. It's free promotion, and it reduces the chance of someone being mad about you because of your own accidental ignorance. Furthermore, let them know that there are things that you need to take care of and avoid being like a ghost and disappear without a trace. It's creepy and can turn people off. 

4. Balance ACCURACY and DECENCY 
It's becoming an occurrence in Philippine cosplay where people are cosplaying something that they are not in their skin. It's not a good idea because it promotes a bad image and can instantly turn a hot female cosplayer into a fan whore. Never put yourself into a position that you can be insulted or ashamed of yourself. The best cosplayers around are the ones who carry their costumes with pride and comfort. It adds personality to the character being portrayed and good image in the cosplayer. If you just can't be sexy at that particular time, then simply don't cosplay. Most photographers will still notice you, and you can be sociable without being scrutinized by the public. 

5. Keep Your Head Up 
There will be a time that you want to quit and leave for good because of pressure and all the black propaganda spreading around you. Keep your mindset on the positive side. Relax, refocus, and make a plan to make your dreams into reality. Take the hindrances one at a time and never let people pull you down. Be with people that will motivate and help you along the way. You'll be glad you did.

August 2, 2012

Why We(Otakus) Like Fakes?

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The growing number of businesses related to anime/otaku culture mushroomed in the number. We can all give big thanks to those who made it an industry so that everyone can commercialize their craft in a more civilized fashion. However, with this comes the appearance of tens if not hundreds of pirated DVDs as well as counterfeit anime figures and items. The public doesn't seem to mind, but it's a big hindrance, especially to those collectors. 87Y8CBXKSCD6

Based on local copyright laws, a copyright claim must first be issued in the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) before any kind of copyright lawsuit can be filed upon. This means that big anime companies cannot fight back when somebody manages to copy their work. It is a fact that some companies are outsourcing their animators locally to produce their work but do they have the time to file for a copyright claim? Are they willing to spend time and money to protect their work in a country where copyright enforcement is at a bare minimum?

Try to add that up with the rise of companies that specializes in selling these kinds of merchandise. No copyright claim means they don't need to file for a license to TOEI, BANDAI, and the others. For them, it reduces their expenses and more time to produce counterfeits. And it might surprise you that your "anime corner" stores in most places are promoting the selling of counterfeits.

The Bottom Line : 
No license claims = Widespread selling of counterfeits
Cheapskate Otakus = More demand for fakes
Minimal Regulation = Fakes will stay       
So what is it for the consumer? Well, you would probably be buying these because of the price am I right? Figuring that the price margin of an original is double or triple than a counterfeit, it's not a bad choice for starters. For the hardcore collectors, there might be a chance that one of your items is in fact a fake. Fake or not, it's the consumer's choice what to buy. If you hate fakes, then learn on how to spot them. For the typical cheapskate otaku, learn to accept it. The regular consumer can buy fakes for a starting collector then gradually fill the collection with real, genuine, merchandise.

So the biggest question would be .... does it matter? 

(We are not in any form promoting otaku piracy. This post aims to explain its 
proliferation with the intention of informing anyone it's problems and realizations)