June 25, 2012

Stop Going To Cons!

Everyday we see conventions popping out of every corner of the country ranging from personal to glamorous events. As with every convention, there are things that people don't realize with going to places like this, and it gets a bit troublesome for our expectations are only being comprehended by lack or organization from their part and at the same time plenty of guys who wanted to get what they paid for. In the growing community of otaku-related businesses this is the time that we must refocus from our priorities. This is the time that we should treat our clients, the people, the definite respect and appreciation that they reserve. We are being shadowed by the fan-fare, stardom, and glamour of celebrities and models in every corner.
People love cosplay especially when it is properly organized
Nevertheless, for how they will be able to hear us. You ask? Then stop going to conventions. It's a weird irony really. Allow me to explain why.

More Crappy Cons

Nowadays, there are tons and tons of conventions which the primary motive is to loot money from otaku goers and regular people like you and me. Should we deserve much of this? We usually argue that their places are too crowded. The stages are also small and there are more photographers in the vicinity treating the place as if it was one big studio party. And the worst part if they are creating another next year the only thing organizers do is to put a cosplay icon or celebrity, and that was it.

The Spirit Was Lost

From the start of Philippine Otaku culture there will always be the hardcore fans who appreciate it because of their sense of happiness. Notice most of the time people go to conventions to socialize. From my perspective, it seems that the rise of Philippine cosplay has somewhat overshadowed the true purpose of conventions. For every con-goer, it can anything from meeting up with friends to buying merchandise. On the other hand, photographers wanted to go to conventions to practice their skills (and trying to pick up on them). What's the bad part? There are tons of pickpockets, stalkers, and perverts lurking at every corner.

Making Blame To People Who Are Doing Their Job Right

The biggest hiccup right now is blaming people for making the community more like a trash bin full of rejects than appraising them for all of their hard work and dedication. Blame a certain cosplayer for her celebrity status? You should all thank him/her for pushing our culture mainstream. Is the security personnel being a pain in the back? Thank them for keeping us safe and sound. Cosplayers treating the place like they have it? That's a no-no. If cosplayers, otaku's, and photographers would act decent and have manners, then the regular problems with the organizers and staff would never happen.

I Cosplay To Be Famous

This is really getting boring but it seems most cosplayers have the misinterpretation when it comes to this line?Do they really mean it or it something more like "I cosplay so that I can be a celebrity like *Name of Cosplayer Here*" There are cosplayers that are making a living trough the trade and never did they wanted to get attention from other people. As for the females, I suggest you get into cosplay not because your good-looking and mostly otakus are males but to entertain everyone. I had always seen people get harassed in conventions for the most stupid reasons. Alongside those, males should know the difference between decency and have complete understanding when it comes to anime culture.

We Are Gold!

Since organizers are complete idiots when it comes to satisfying out taste, we have control. We are the ones who save our hard-earned cash to go to conventions. For us, they won't be making business. One thing that separates the best from the worst conventions is how they treat their patrons. I'm going to be honest with you but seems like they don't give a damn about what we want. If they had just listened for once they wouldn't have any problems facing the reality that conventions are getting too crowded and disorganized. Think of us like customers. We always get what we want.

It looks harsh at first, but if you think deeply it just feels right. Take a break from conventions and show to them that we have the power and control into what the future of Philippine Anime should be. At least once or twice a month would be great. If the scene is getting repetitive why not take a break and do something that's highly productive. It would definitely help you in the long run.

June 13, 2012

(Unheard Reasons) Why Go To TOYCON?

    The biggest toy and otaku convention comes near. Most of you people would be going to see your favorite cosplay idols as with any other hardcore con-goer would do. In the midst of cosplay popularity, let us give you an ice breaker. Come to think of it, there are a million things to do in TOYCON 2012 this year that some of you never knew or perhaps interested the slightest. So without further delay, let us give you the other side that make this year's TOYCON a whole lot fun.

Cosplay Video Documentary 

    The country's famous cosplay sisters, Alodia & Ashley Gosiengfiao will be having a shooting for their upcoming video documentary alongside the usual photo and booth singing sessions. I hope their booth won't be jam-packed with fans as their sessions were cut short last year due to the fanfare. You can also reserve your print as early as possible by checking out their official Facebook fan pages.

Toy Design Contest      
    Why stop by just collecting toys? Start turning yours into reality. The toy design contest is one of the unique competitions only being held in TOYCON. This is the time where you can check their designs as well as check the concepts of our fellow Filipino toy designers. Maybe you can join the independent toy caravan next year. This also serves great purpose as they give tribute to all the local toy manufacturers and designers.

5th Philippine Game Girl  
     It launched five years ago. The game girl cosplay category was usually the "cosplay" portion of the entire event. Now with the addition of individual and group cosplay, this category is still an important part of any TOYCON event. Where would you be able to find the best female gamers fulfilling the fantasies of their male counterparts? There was also the now removed "Booth Babe" category.It's the same concept but in the end, the game girl category survived. Who will be this year's gamer girl?

Amped Fest!

     Get your gaming gear on stand-by as local game publisher AMPED will be bringing something new to the table for this year. Tired of the usual prizes? How about being a guest Game Manager (GM) for one whole month? The chosen victors will receive that alongside the 5000 peso cash prize. I know this is something every otaku gamer will never miss. Check the details (HERE)

June 7, 2012

Avoiding Scam Sellers

       With so many new people coming into the cosplay hobby, and an upswing in fraudulent listings and shady sellers, I felt compelled to make a guide on how to be a smart buyer. Buying smart and avoiding scams is a big part of enjoying cosplay. No one wants to waste money and feel swindled when trying to create the look of a character you love. I’ve also included a list of wig sellers I’ve bought from, and give you an honest review of each- the good and the bad.

        Aside from the obvious checking of feedback when available, here are some tips to buying from cosplay sellers online:

1.Buy from sellers that use mannequins to show products, not cosplayers. There are sellers all over the web stealing photos from cosplay sites and using them for product shots. Don’t assume the person wearing that wig or costume is modeling for a store. Odds are, they are unknowingly being used to sell goods that aren’t nice enough looking for a seller to want to show you the real thing you’d be buying. Some sellers will have galleries where you can view photos submitted by happy buyers, but reputable sellers do not use cosplayers for their actual product listings. Avoiding sellers that use cosplay photos instead of products on mannequins in product listings is a big must. You want to see exactly what you are getting.

2.Look for photo consistency. Are all the photos shot on the same mannequin? Is the lighting the same in all the photos across their entire stock line? If you search for that same wig or costume, do other sellers have the SAME product shots? If you can easily find other sellers using the same pictures, it’s a bad sign. It probably means those sellers are all using photos of someone else’s products. Often, sellers use photos from places like Cospatio because the costumes look spot on. Those costumes cost hundreds of dollars, have custom made trims and details, and have much higher quality control than most other ready made cosplay. They aren’t what you’ll get for $60 on ebay, so be aware of this practice.

3.Don’t trust watermarks. Just because a picture has a seller’s store name on it, doesn’t mean it is a legitimate product shot. Sellers will watermark over photos they have stolen, and do it all the time- sometimes right over other seller’s watermarks who’ve stolen the photo too! Often they will remove other watermarks by cropping out a site’s credit or a photographer’s mark or blur it. If it looks like they’ve blurred out or cropped out someone else’s watermark, it’s a bad sign. No seller needs to do that on a photo they’ve shot of their own product. It’s a big red flag.

4.Be skeptical. Do research. Be logical about ‘good deals’. Some deals are too good. If it’s a complicated costume or a styled wig, it won’t be sold for cheap. If one seller is selling something for much, much less than other sellers, be warry. Be rational and don’t just buy based on the cheapest price. Quality is directly related to price, no matter where you buy it from. That said, you can still find some reasonably good deals and not be scammed if you scrutinize and use caution.
          On a personal note, I’ve had a number of sellers use my photos without permission to sell wigs and costumes. If you ever see a seller using my photos, do not trust that seller. I never give anyone the okay to use my cosplay to sell costumes or wigs. I’ve sewn my costumes myself and styled the wigs on my own, so whatever it is that they are selling, it isn’t going to be what I’ve made. The same can be said for so many other cosplayers who’s hard work as been ripped off to sell questionable goods to unsuspecting buyers. None of us want to see people get scammed, and it’s unpleasant when someone uses your likeness to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. It’s like being an unwilling accomplice in a crime :(
(This is a repost with permission from Maridah's Cosplay page. Be sure to stop by her website. (http://www.maridah.com/)

June 6, 2012

Windows Snipping Tool

          Want to take screenshots as quick as possible? Why use the old copy-paste-over-paint method? Use one that is more flexible. What is the best part? It's free! 

          Windows Snipping Tool is basically a screenshot capture application included into Vista and Windows 7. From capturing pictures for promotion (and in some cases, blackmailing), this tool can take the job that most paid applications can't. 

            Check it out by typing "Snipping Tool" in the search box in the start menu. 

June 4, 2012

Cosplay.PH website is now at "V2.0"

          The country's premier cosplay website is now under a fresh coat of paint as the Cosplay.PH website is now under a new layout. 
New layout for Cosplay.PH.
Note that this is still not final and may change at any given time
          Via their official fan page, two weeks ago, they stated that they would be revamping the whole website. Users have been reminded to backup all of their profiles and pictures for the upcoming days to overhaul their entire system and provide them with a better and more improved website for Filipino otaku's. 
Image posted during the revamp last May

          With the new release of the website, many people have been asking about the sudden change. As you notice in the first picture, the administrators somewhat removed the "social-networking" capabilities of the site. It shifted from a social cosplay network to more of a website. We still have no confirmation regarding the matter, and we hope they publish a statement as soon as possible.

          For those people that are interested to compare them both, the old website is still accessible (HERE). As of now they haven't finalized the layout but rest assured it will change without prior notice. 
The old website layout of Cosplay.Ph

June 3, 2012

The Evolution Of A Cosplay Goddess

          With the largest and greatest anime convention in the country draws near, let's check back to one of the biggest reasons why anyone would go to TOYCON. For those who don't know, Alodia Gosiengfiao started to be a guest judge for it was in 2008. It went to be her last afterwards as she became a regular staple. In order learn more about her greatness today, let's spin the time backwards into memory lane.
Alodia Gosiengfiao from being a girl to a woman. Via her offical "Alodia Gosiengfiao" facebook page.
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