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Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF) Overview

It's a blast to be at SMX Convention Center for the second year of Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF). It held last on the 27-28 of October, and went to be the most definitive event when it comes to Philippine E-Sports scene.

Showing their colors for their well-respected teams and clans, supporters and the rest of the crowd we surrounded with freebies as well as competitions, showdowns and all sorts of events that will unleash the gamer inside of you. Its first day was more of a battle to get inside than to enjoy the place due to the massive crowds that attended the outside as well as the inside Hall 3 of SMX. Most of them complained about the lack of space inside. However, the event organizers listened to their fans and quickly opened Hall 4 to accommodate more people inside and to avoid the mishaps that happened in the first day.
Fans watch as the finals for the "Tekken Tag Tournament" category is under way.
Speaking of freebies, those who attended got what they paid for (or in this case, their 70Php). Attendees can get something from free snacks from Universal Robina to Monster energy drinks all the way up to DOTA 2 beta keys and gaming peripherals from Razer, Asus, and Cherry Credits. Everyone had their piece of the pie, and it's good to see that they are still doing it at such circumstances.
A lucky guy takes a picture with booth babes from the Monster Energy booth.
Free cans were also given to ticket holders.
With all the gaming goodness that went on, Cherry Credits added costume play into the mix. One of the main attractions of the event was the "Cherry Cosfiesta" cosplay competition. With 80 cosplayers joined in over three categories (Open, Shanda Games, & Chibi/Costripper Categories) the stage lit up well with their fine showcase of geek-ism and portrayal into one incredible competition. Add with the appearance of PBB Teen Edition Winner and costume player, Myrtle Gail Sarrosa and crowd  went nuts.
Myrtle Gail saying hello to five randomly-picked people from the audience
Got bored into cosplay? Enthusiast's gamers were never dethroned with the crowning of champions in Mineski's M.P.G.L (Mineski Professional Gaming Leauge) Tournament as well as the Philippine Prelimenary comeback for WCS (World Cyber Games) and the Asian Cyber Games qualifiers.

Overall, the event was a great success. Sure it had its own quirks, especially the unpredictable amount of people went into day one but one thing that they did than any other is to recover from their mistakes and quickly fix the problems. That is something that some of the event teams/organizations in the country completely ignored around. One big pat in the back to the Mineskit Events Team (M.E.T), Rapture Gaming, & Cherry Credits for making it possible. Expect a bigger and better PGF next year because as of right now it's already in the works.
Confetti spreads through the crowd as it marks the end of the Cherry Cosfiesta competition.

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