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Alodia & Slater for Pinoy "Gumiho" remake

Word of the news started to spread as the Philippines Cosplay Goddess, Alodia Gosiengfiao gets the female lead for the Filipino remake of "My Friend is a Gumiho." Reported yesterday, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Unlimited winner Slayer Young would also be supporting Alodia as his male lead role. 87Y8CBXKSCD6

Plans and details for the supposed remake are not confirmed at this point. A short clue is the statement from Slater's twitter account telling that he is currently working with Alodia for a project. It was deleted just a couple of hours after it got posted.

Known locally as "My Friend Is a Gumiho," would they be able to portray their characters that the pinoy fans will appreciate it just like the original one? Will Alodia and Slater keep up with the success of Lee Seung Ki (Dae Woong) and Shin Min Ah (Gumiho)? We can't hardly wait for their portrayal. I hope they won't keep us waiting for too long.

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