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(Unheard Reasons) Why Go To TOYCON?

    The biggest toy and otaku convention comes near. Most of you people would be going to see your favorite cosplay idols as with any other hardcore con-goer would do. In the midst of cosplay popularity, let us give you an ice breaker. Come to think of it, there are a million things to do in TOYCON 2012 this year that some of you never knew or perhaps interested the slightest. So without further delay, let us give you the other side that make this year's TOYCON a whole lot fun.

Cosplay Video Documentary 

    The country's famous cosplay sisters, Alodia & Ashley Gosiengfiao will be having a shooting for their upcoming video documentary alongside the usual photo and booth singing sessions. I hope their booth won't be jam-packed with fans as their sessions were cut short last year due to the fanfare. You can also reserve your print as early as possible by checking out their official Facebook fan pages.

Toy Design Contest      
    Why stop by just collecting toys? Start turning yours into reality. The toy design contest is one of the unique competitions only being held in TOYCON. This is the time where you can check their designs as well as check the concepts of our fellow Filipino toy designers. Maybe you can join the independent toy caravan next year. This also serves great purpose as they give tribute to all the local toy manufacturers and designers.

5th Philippine Game Girl  
     It launched five years ago. The game girl cosplay category was usually the "cosplay" portion of the entire event. Now with the addition of individual and group cosplay, this category is still an important part of any TOYCON event. Where would you be able to find the best female gamers fulfilling the fantasies of their male counterparts? There was also the now removed "Booth Babe" category.It's the same concept but in the end, the game girl category survived. Who will be this year's gamer girl?

Amped Fest!

     Get your gaming gear on stand-by as local game publisher AMPED will be bringing something new to the table for this year. Tired of the usual prizes? How about being a guest Game Manager (GM) for one whole month? The chosen victors will receive that alongside the 5000 peso cash prize. I know this is something every otaku gamer will never miss. Check the details (HERE)

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