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Cosplay.PH website is now at "V2.0"

          The country's premier cosplay website is now under a fresh coat of paint as the Cosplay.PH website is now under a new layout. 
New layout for Cosplay.PH.
Note that this is still not final and may change at any given time
          Via their official fan page, two weeks ago, they stated that they would be revamping the whole website. Users have been reminded to backup all of their profiles and pictures for the upcoming days to overhaul their entire system and provide them with a better and more improved website for Filipino otaku's. 
Image posted during the revamp last May

          With the new release of the website, many people have been asking about the sudden change. As you notice in the first picture, the administrators somewhat removed the "social-networking" capabilities of the site. It shifted from a social cosplay network to more of a website. We still have no confirmation regarding the matter, and we hope they publish a statement as soon as possible.

          For those people that are interested to compare them both, the old website is still accessible (HERE). As of now they haven't finalized the layout but rest assured it will change without prior notice. 
The old website layout of Cosplay.Ph
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