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Same Repetitive Cosplay Jokes

          You see it anywhere you go. For those who remembered the old times when people just have fun for what they want and not being ridiculed for how perfect it is. I wonder if it’s because of the increase of fans or the monopolization of the cosplay scene that makes people negatively criticize it. Yes, it’s still an art form on its own but compared to our other cosplay brothers and sisters in different countries. We are walking one step backwards upon our goal.

Cosplay Goddess "Alodia Gosiengfiao" on a feed site

          I still remember when Alodia was a friendly, geeky, otaku. Remembering the days where she personally answers her friends and fans on social media sites. She was a “fan” just like the rest of the newcomers in the community then. I can still say back when she, and her sister Ashley wasn’t “picky” when it comes to eating food off the streets. The same-old times indeed and I personally miss that. Most of her supporters would not at any time be able to feel what I have experienced and will never be. I can’t blame progress if the price for it was freedom on their part. They have their own sacrifices, and I gave them the credit at the same time the benefit of the doubt.

           And what about these people stating that they are quitting for good? Will it ever change for the better? I suggest people; especially pinoy cosplayers should always keep their word. That is one of the things why the local populace treats us like a bunch of child minded individuals. We are the ones who creating this image of backstabbing, poor work ethics, and lack of professionalism.  Some cosplayers stated that they were leaving because of stubborn reasons. One example is the ever popular “because of *name of famous cosplayer here*”. No offense guys but in the real-world justifications based of people’s success is a recipe for humiliation. Most otakus don’t know how to justify what is wrong and right when it comes to cosplay because in the first place, they are thinking of the merchandise. I have to admit as of this day it still does.

           And it gets even worse when cosplay gets infused with the local entertainment section, especially television. That’s the price we get when we use the easiest tactic to get the maximum exposure we need to achieve. That’s why I gave them the doubt. Not only has it affected the pioneers of the cosplay scene but also the new ones. And what’s the worst thing? The ones who created this mess in the first place are the ones who are slowly disappearing from the scene. They created this mess in the first place. Why we need to suffer from it? I say we should we fix this problem and accomplished the only thing that the old guys never did. Fixing the problems that they left behind and build a more stable community for all of us.

              Looks like in the end, it’s about not only about the past that we need to focus on. Now it’s the time that we start to discipline ourselves. If it’s our attitude toward cosplay that will stab us, it’s the mass media for sure. I always put the term “professionalism” into play. It may seem repetitive but in the long run it’s what keeps the best from the mediocre ones. We all have a dream, but I still believe that one-day things will change. It’s not that bad if you know the correct mentality to do things right. Never be deterred by the negative side effects of cosplay tribalism and it’s commercialization. It serves as a challenge to all of us. 
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