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Professional Tips for Cosplay Organizers

                   They are an important staple in conventions. Sometimes they might look like your run-of-the-mill grunt with a t-shirt and jeans on. Some might be cosplaying their characters and to some they might be even promoters and floor directors. Cosplay organizers are abundant in the community. Whether you are long seasoned veteran or an average guy who is willing to put the resources to create a cosplay convention it’s always a "no-brainier" to be professional in every aspect to the process. These basic tips will help ease the pressures and obstacles in the way from the conceptualization until the egress of any cosplay/anime-related event.
A good cosplay organizer can handle this kind of pressure.
1. Be Punctual

                       As Filipinos we are always familiar with the term “Filipino Time." We get late in an important meeting or negotiation, and it ends up as an excuse. This will suffice when it’s your own fellow countrymen but what about the foreign investors? Being punctual and in a timely manner is absolutely a requirement.  It creates a persona of being professional, and at the same time it shows to the clients that you are taking the deal seriously in a business-like fashion.
                When dealing with plenty of clients, exhibitors, sponsors, or even fellow cosplayers and organizers its best that you keep their tabs in them at all times regarding updates. One noticeable thing that lacks in cosplay conventions is the lack of communication between the event organizers, marshalls, and exhibitors. It’s always a recipe for disaster and makes things harder to tackle when somebody turns into a grumpy mood.  These aspects shall include:

                * Event Schedules
                * Contracts and X-Deals
                * Ingress and Egress period
                * Networking

                       What’s the allotted time you ask? Well, it really depends on the location, but we usually have at least a thirty (30) minute allowance time to accommodate our clients, especially when they are from another city or province. Furthermore, contact your clients immediately if you are going to be late. You don’t want to look like a douchebag when they need you the most.

2. Open Communication IS A MUST           

                   It’s always a rule of thumb to get their contact number either from their head or a representative to make things a little easier. Never get deterred when they ignore your call, instead leave a message regarding the matter. We are human beings after all, and we have our own personal issues to tackle. You never know that the person you are calling might be having a “bathroom break."  The only way that you push the conversation is when it’s really important, and they are going to be affected by the changes. Time is your worst enemy in every event, and it’s an organizer's job to make sure that you meet the deadline.

3. Listen First, Act Later

                An important tip to remember is when in meetings and negotiations, always listen to them first before making a statement on the matter. The biggest difference between those who lead and that who follow is their open-mindedness. You get less obstruction from the other party in the process.  In the contrast, never put yourself in a position that you can’t justify your own opinions and goals. You can’t simply say yes to everything they had to say.

                 Furthermore, when the negotiations are getting tougher chances are they are getting too personal. When this happens always state to them that “it’s just business." One major hiccup on cosplay negotiations is when they take it to a more personal approach. You need to break some eggs to make that omelet. Learn how to separate business and personal intentions in negotiations. The only time that you need to back out from the deal is when you understood the explanation and in the end, it still doesn’t work.

4. You are the BOSS!

                 Remember the time when you respect and idolized your father because he has the authority over things about the house? Always have the final say in any decision. At the same time, be flexible at start to believe in your people and staff. There’s no negative response to a leader who trusts their followers. Be competent and teach them a trick or two in the long run.

                 With the sense of authority is the bigger sense of responsibility for all aspects of the convention. Always keep tabs with people and socialize them so that you can fix the problem as soon as possible. When it gets tough, take a break and refocus. You never want to see a problematic organizer, especially when they disappear due to the pressure.

              If you are the kind of guy who likes to follow orders, the only thing you must do is to try to accomplish the task at hand. You could “fake it until you make it”. It helps when you have a partner ready to back you up once in a while.  Think of him/her as your “second in command." It’s a good way of enjoying work and learning in the long run.

5. Never Stop Improving

                Consistency can be a big factor in any cosplay organizer’s portfolio. If you can provide the same effect you are giving in every convention, you will definitely get some positive feedback. Never think of criticisms as a way of putting yourself down. It’s a good way of making plans and fixing what are the problems later. Make a group discussion afterwards and analyze the problems at hand so that you can fix the issues as soon as you can create the next one. Find new concepts and ideas and mix them up to create interesting events.

                And remember that in the end, it’s the people who are willing to improve themselves are the ones who are ready to accept the rewards. It’s a combination of hard-work, creativity, and a dream that one-day things will be better. And this dream will fuel your inspirations in every aspect of your life.

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