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Common Sense Tips (For Cosplayers)

          With the joy and entertainment, every cosplayer faces something new to the table nowadays. It’s not that much to realize how an easy dose of “common sense” can help a long way. A simple application of these tips would definitely improve not only your cosplay but also personally improve your life. With all intents and purposes, this guide will describe basic scenarios in events as well of relating them to personal habits. Are you being affected by it? If yes, then we suggest you start reading and start acting upon it.

Familiar with this?
1.“Learn How To Say No” – if you’re in a hurry and being photo bombed by more like a dozen photographers once in a while you need to let them know. It’s far better than just being a ninja and move away from the crowd. People will respect you for it, especially when you need to have a bathroom break. Just like every human being in the world we all have the right to privacy once in a while. To some it’s a bit annoying but for cosplayers, it’s always a right to say no.

2.”Sidewalks Are For People” – ever find in a situation that a security guard would tell you to stay somewhere else? It’s a common occurrence in malls especially when the hallways are too narrow to walk alongside. Think of hallways as sidewalks. You can’t simply park a car into a sidewalk since people tend to walk to onto it. It’s much safer than walking on the street right? So the next time you try to cram yourself and your cosplay buddies into a corner of a hallway expect the crowdedness and the repetitive nagging of the mall’s security staff. They’re just doing their job in the first place.

3.”There’s always more than one way” – I remember back then when people tend to get jam packed inside comfort rooms at the top floor of SM Megamall due to location is very nearby the Megatrade Hall. If you think the other way around, there are tons of comfort rooms below where you can dress up and fix yourself with utmost convenience. The best about it is you people would definitely look upon you with their foremost interest. And remember to dress up as fast as you can. That’s why they are called comfort rooms right? Look best and make others relieve their tension.

4.”Act! Don’t React” – plenty of people mean plenty of problems. If any problem occurs during your stay, inside conventions, always act upon it. Are you being harassed by other cosplayers? Say it! Are you a female cosplayer and was sexually harassed by someone? Then send everyone a message by slapping the guy in the face. Just reacting to it like posting Facebook's statuses about what happened doesn’t help anyway. Don’t even try to share your experiences if it’s only for the sake of sharing it. It simply degrades your value as a person. There will always be the proper authorities to explain the situation.

5.”Cosplay is COSTUME PLAY” – most people don’t get the meaning of cosplay. Simply wearing a costume from a famous character isn’t enough. Only models do that kind of thing. You need to play your part and act upon it. Don’t just be a walking wall flower taking pictures with the weirdest of photographers around. If the character you’re portraying is a bit weird in nature, then act dumb like hell at some point. Most con-goers get the idea.

          So there you go everyone. We hope that you would put these basic tips into good use. And remember the most important rule in cosplay. “Have Fun!” 
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