June 22, 2011

Kimeru Motoharu Says Goodbye

Kimeru as Luffy 
Along with huge successes this past week is a surprising news to the community as cosplayer Kimeru Motoharu had passed away on Tuesday, June 21 due to a severe heart failure which had confined him for a couple of days.

Marlon Lapada (his real name) is one of those cosplayers with not only the passion for cosplay but also a person which most of his referred to as "a man with a golden heart". His humbleness creates a vibe that is unique to those who knew him personally. It's definitely a shock when the news started to spread out. 

He first appeared to the community back in 2008. Marlon was respected in the community as a creative props maker and cosplayer and went famous for cosplaying Sena Kobayakawa of the anime series "Eyeshield 21".

We will miss this fine cosplayer. May his memories and accomplishments inspire others to pursue their dreams and to let humbleness and friendship rule in their hearts. Sayonara! :) 

June 21, 2011

Asia Cosplay Meet Philippines 2011

As part of the vast amount of events happened at ToyCon, the philippine leg of the Asia Cosplay Meet (ACM) competition was held on June 18 2011 on megatrade hall 3 of SM Megamall. Using the stage for the shooting of "Cosplay Nation" became one of the most talked about events, especially the groups involved and the time and effort that they took for the love of cosplay and to please the crowd.

Moments after shooting footage for its first day, the contest proper started. With six cosplay groups buying for the title and recognition for the country, the teams performed on stage. Some of them have backdrops while others used elaborate costumes and props for the crowd to enjoy. It was once of those moments where cosplay became real which we felt along.

Along with the performances was an interview with Jia Gold Bustamante, one of the winners from last years ACM. She explains about her experiences,preparations and the changes in her life after their group became the winner to represent the country for last years event. It was motivating and inspiring to all who witnessed it. 

In the end it was a huge success. Congratulations to all the winners and participants. Good luck on representing the country and may god help you along the way. 

June 18, 2011

ToyCon 2011 Preparations

This leads to the right direction
Just a couple of hours before ToyCon, Ron managed to get inside SM Megamall to buy two day passes for the event. Only 1000 were produced but he managed to be one of the first 200 people to purchase one.

One of the most noticeable improvements around is the obvious ToyCon and Cosplay Nation tarpaulins posted at the main entrance and along the lanes of megatrade halls 1,2 and 3. Not to mention the staff and crew setting up the stage and for the exhibitors. He told us that there was a meeting, but sadly we can't tell you what it is but all we can say about it that there will be something huge tomorrow for us to enjoy.

Cosplay Nation Tarp at the entance
Stage Preparations
Posters around Megatrade Hall

ToyCon 2011 Tarp
Alongside with the passes are brochures for a 20% discount with their partner Eurotel. Simply present your ToyCon ticket at any of their branches to avail the offer. Another is a leaflet of the movie "The Green Lantern". 

ToyCon two-day passes and freebies
So ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be part of the most epic cosplay convention to date. Good luck all of us and we hope to see you guys at SM Megamall. Put on those costumes and get some rest (We definitely need it).

June 15, 2011

"Cosplay Nation" live shooting at ToyCon 2011

(This is a repost. Check the full article via official ToyCon website here)

Collectibles Unlimited in partnership with MINDStyle, brings you the biggest Cosplay spectacle when COSPLAY NATION lands at the 10th Philippine TOYCON 2011.

COSPLAY NATION is a movie produced by Yian Studios, Beijing and internationally distributed by the China Film Group Corp, the largest and most influential state-run film enterprise in China.  The movie, which features China celebrities Linda Le, Cheng Yi and our very own Alodia Gosiengfiao, will do its first leg of location shooting in the Philippines at the 10th Philippine TOYCON on June 18-19 at the SM Megatrade Hall 3.

Be a part of this landmark movie, the first ever to feature Cosplay as a cultural phenomenon!  The best Cosplayers in the best pop-culture event in the country; the Philippines transforms into a COSPLAY NATION at the 10th Philippine TOYCON 2011! 

A film that captures the essence of the phenomenon Cosplay craze and supported by a hot movie soundtrack.

COSPLAY NATION is as much a film about identity and about long-standing class and cultural differences. Set  in China, COSPLAY NATION traces Sasa Li’s struggle to attain a sense of self-worth in family of wealth and culturally conservative surroundings.

The film opens with the noise of Beijing’s busy street and the camera focuses on Sasa exiting her daddy’s Mercedes to the throbbing sounds of WU XING and the noise of traffic chime in Sasa struts down the streets of the shopping district. Raised by conservative, wealthy Chinese parents, and a revered older sister who seems to have the perfect life, Sasa spends all of her free time and money perfecting her image for appearances at Cosplay events, where she excels as a cosplayer.

Sasa’s function in her circle of friends is neither a shy student nor a spoiled brat. Online and at cosplay events around China, Sasa commands ecstatic admiration from her peers and acts as a new type of youth in the face of traditional Chinese family conservatism. Her role-playing unites and lits the spirits of her alienated community of peers. The power of physical presence and prowess, combined with her confident “attitude” is graphically demonstrated in scenes where the crowd parts when Sasa enters in stage and her friends cheer as she dances her solos. The online media even begin to call her China’s Lady Gaga.

The opposition between the non-ideological impact of the cosplay scene and the ideological power of the traditional wealthy Chinese family is underscored in the relationship between Sasa and her sister, Ah Mei. When Ah Mei announces that she no longer wants the lifestyle of just being a wealthy “stay at home mom” and socialite, the family is stunned by news that she will leave her marriage, Sasa’s own faith in her talent as a cosplayer and her belief in the regenerative space of cosplaying grows. After meeting Alodia, a popular cosplayer and TV host from the Philippines who is enamored with traveling and in the process of refining her image, she begins to drift away from her group of friends, who presents the key to escape from her family and entry into the nation of cosplay, all over the world.

ToyCon 2011

(This is a repost. Check the full details via their official website here)
Mark your calendar and celebrate with us for our 10th year anniversary this June 18-19, 2011 at the Megatrade Halls 1,2 and 3 in SM Megamall
The grand daddy and mommy of pop culture convention in the Philippines is now 10 years old!           
Philippine Toy Con is Asia's biggest and long time running convention for comics, toys, anime, cosplay, movies, gaming and anything related to hobby and collectibles.

Celebrating with us are top brands and properties that will give more highlights to our Toy Con 2011 this coming June. So don't forget!

The 10th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2011
also known as ToyCon
June 18-19, 2011
at the Megatrade Hall 1,2 and 3, 5th level, Mega B, SM Megamall

more info will be posted in our website www.toyconph.com
email us at toyconph@gmail.com for sponsorships and exhibitors registration