May 17, 2011

Audition King Goes To The Knife

It's quite of a shock to the community as Eric De Leon went into an operation last May 15 in order to patch a hole in his heart. Here's his official message:
baka last message q n 2 kc ma2ya, ooperahan n aq s AORTA q
pag wala aq s tagcom. means faied ang operationl & dead n aq.

i hope na i can Survive on this time..........
mamayang 4:00pm ang start ng operation
Makikipagsugal na naman ako kay kamatayan nito, sana maganda ang baraha ko :D
Hello mga kapatid q s cosplay.

Success ang operation at naisara n rin ung butas q s aorta. 
Known to the community as the first cosplayer/rapper, he creates songs about cosplay scene as well as his thoughts about the community through his work. We pray for his recovery and hoping to see him at conventions. In the meantime, check one his creations named "Cosplay GF". The song depicts his love story while being a cosplayer. Enjoy and support his work by downloading the track below :)


May 16, 2011

Pic Of The Day

When your'e a lonely clown, a PSP is your best friend 

May 14, 2011

Pic Of The Day

Too much redness here. Spot them all :)

Otakista Podcast No. 1

It's been along time since we posted something interesting in the site. So we thought about putting a podcast hosted by myself (Ch@Dog). We will cover alot of topics in this podcast. On this first edition we will cover "Free Comic Book Day" and "Metro Comic Con 2011" held last May 7 & 8. As a standard we split the podcast into easily downloadable and hassle-free versions.

Part 1 : "Free Comic Book Day" & First Impressions at MCC Day 1

Part 2 : "JOEBerts", Cosplay Harassment & MCC Overview

Part 3 : Swindling, Anti - Theft Tips & Final Overview

I hope you enjoy this interesting podcast. And please tell us what you like and what you don't like about it. Please make a comment below and help us improve. Thank you and I we will see you otakista's :)

May 11, 2011

Pic Of The Day

New HG DVD released. Who wants some? :)

May 10, 2011

Pic Of The Day

I dare you guys to ride this guy. Hope you enjoy the ride

May 7, 2011

Pic Of The Day

I don't know about this picture but is she starring at the camera or it's the ice cream?
Post a comment below and help us this fine lady get one. 

May 6, 2011

Pic Of The Day

You will never know what to expect at cons. Even con-goers fight back :)

May 3, 2011

Photobombs : How Will You Handle It?

Can you handle it? :)
Photographers from different places gather into cosplay conventions to practice their art and for most people to take pictures with their favorite anime/manga characters. It’s pretty obvious in every con but it doesn’t mean you can avoid them at all costs. When a cosplayer gets into a position when there are plenty of photographers wanted to take a picture, you become a victim to one of the most enjoyable (and to some irritating) moments of your cosplay carerr : the infamous photobomb.

It happens when plenty of people swarm in to take a picture with you. Sometimes it can be as long as 20 minutes posing in front of 10 or more photographers which is like a mini photo - op. It’s not a bad thing but there are disadvantages for the cosplayers. It’s fun but for newbies this is a frustrating moment for them since their lack of experience will definitely show on the pictures. Also, if they are in a hurry to leave then how can you tell it to the photographers? Here are tips for cosplayers to avoid this kinds of moments.

1. Learn to Pose - If the character has a signature pose then practice it. Search the web for their signature poses and take a mental note of it. Have at least three to five poses that you can use for that particular character.

2. Less Is More - If it’s a large event, it’s always better to have five minute photobombs at five different locations rather than staying at a single location for over 20 minutes. Not only you put pressure on them but also it gives you flexibility and time allowances to practice poses and to meet up with your friends.

Bye - Bye poses are great when you are in a hurry.
3. The cooler the cosplay, the more the photogs - Use this to your advantage by going into areas where it’s less crowded. You are going to stand out of the crowd because of this.

4. Utilize Body Language - Using hand gestures is another way to express emotions into a character. You can also use it to finish a photobomb. A simple bye-bye pose will definitely make photographers follow you afterwards.

5. If Body Language doesn’t work then say it nicely - If they simply don’t get the message then say it to them. Cosplayers are people and they have to respect that as a con-goer/photographer.

6. Never give personal info to strangers - It is a definite no-no. Event photographers won’t do this unless they want you for any business - related matter. A good habit is to give your e-mail address to your facebook account. Writers will have a habit of giving calling cards and promote their site for you to contact them. Photogs will always share their facebook accounts and a contact number. Never give any info unless they give theirs first.

Con - Goer Tips (with Ron)

In this video, Ron will teach you guys the basics and tips on how to prepare for cosplay conventions. He also share tips and his personal experience about conventions and how to avoid those pesky breakdowns.

Enjoy the video and if you find this video useful please rate, subscribe, and comment on the video.

Otakultura Releases "Radiotaku Sessions"

Great news as Otakultura releases their first editon of "Radio Otaku Sessions". This is a special podcast which they feature cosplay/anime bands from the four corners of the philippine cosplay scene. 

For their first release they interviewed one of the oldest anime bands in the country. Himitsu Heiki was formed back in 2004 and became famous for their "Siam Shade" covers. Recently they performed covers of "Highschool of the Dead" and "Yuzurenai Nagai".

You can view the podcast here. Big credit goes to the guys of Otakultura for the info.

Dolldelight Going Stateside?

Good luck :)
This is probably a sad news to all of us as Cyril Lumboy (Dolldelight) is going to america. It was confirmed on her facebook fan page as well as her personal account:

This would be the last photo I'm uploading until I get settled in California. To me, it is a rather hopeful photo, the ideal emotion for what I am currently experiencing. I honestly do not know what lies ahead, but I would like to think that it would be a sunny, happy place for me and my dreams. To those who have supported me in my strength and weakness, I thank you so much. I hope you would extend that same support and patronage especially now that I am a writing a new chapter of my life. ♥

Known in the community as a pioneer in gothic fashion, we will all miss her. She was featured in articles as well as a local representative for Gothic Lolita Wigs in which they specialize on wigs and accessories. We hope she can start a new life in the land of the opportunity and hope her success will continue with new challenges ahead of her.