April 30, 2011

Why We Need To Respect GamerTotoy?

Note: You can check GamerTotoy's website here
Nicolo Sanchez a.k.a "Gamertotoy"
I know this is kinda ironic for a post but let’s stop for a minute and think about what this character (or group) in the local cosplay scene gave to us. Many people hate him while others started to get curious about his rants for which affects and sometimes offends cosplayers as well as photographers and people related to this expertise.

For heaven’s sake who is this “GamerTotoy” anyway? Known simply by many as “GT” in the community, he is considered by many as an internet troll who specializes in trolling the community with his honest while absurd articles as well as the most interesting topics that you can get from the four corners of the cosplay community.

To fully understand why we should give a clap to this person (or group) allow me to share some of my thoughts. Three years ago when the cosplay scene was not much big to what were facing right now I personally got less if not any interesting info. The news about cosplay was littered with news and write - ups that concentrate about the positives of cosplaying locally. It’s a must that as a writer you state the truth about it no matter how hard it is for people to accept.

But did people take the initiative for expressing the wrongdoings in the community? Before there wasn’t a body that represents it until GT came. He used it to his advantage in a very unconventional way. He targeted people, made posts which are intentional and humiliated some with his comments. He even started to show up on conventions. It’s like the highest form of trolling you can get.

Of course, I can’t simply deny that fact that his methods aren’t digestible to the public. If he could simply make articles which are not biased in any form or way then people might consider give respect to him and to his team that strives everyday to bring us content that is reliable and for some insulting. But I will accept that because of him, journalism now exists in cosplay. Writers now start to be responsible and a new breed of writers, photographers, and reporters starts to emerge in the community. Cosplay Journalism was born because of “GT” and we need to accept it.

As for the people who got targeted by his posts, all I can say is “forgive, but don’t forget”. Think of it as a way realizing that you’re doing something wrong and you need to do the right thing next time. As for us cosplay journalists now it’s the time that we write for the truth for cosplayers and to all who are involved in this world we live upon.

As for “GT” and his gang, all I can say is thank you. You gave us the chance to prove what the community is all about. I'm not saying that you’re wrong and were right. It simply gives us a sense of awareness in what we should show, write and report around the local scene. If you’re a reader of their blog ask yourself “Why I regularly visit it even though its articles are so rude and injustice?” Well all we can say about is …. you were intrigued …. CHEERS! :)

Authors Endnote: This post is intended to show the brighter side of "GT". We do not promote harassing cosplayers in any sort of way. We also do not promote the actions of "GT" and his group neither promoting his blog nor using them as an excuse to express direct statements to their victims and it's members. If you find this post insulting then it's your right share the freedom of democracy by commenting below. -Ch@Dog

April 23, 2011

Alodia Gets Hands Of PSPhone (Sort of!)

Is that a PSPhone? Well ask Alodia 

This is really gets interesting as cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao manages to hold one of the latest phones from Sony Ericsson. Initially nicknamed by the internet community as "PSPhone" the company now unveils it as the new Sony Xperia Play. It combines the gaming power of the famous Playstation Portable (PSP) and infuses it with the touch screen and mobile capability of the Sony Xperia series phones.

Not only that she became an ambassador for Sony's Playcast Escape gaming service. While the Xperia Play doesn't support UMD's just like its PSP counterpart the phone utilizes downloads for playing on the said device.

Heres the official statement from Alodia's official facebook fan page: 
Hello everyone! To those in Singapore, see you at Vivo City this Friday! :) Sometime in the afternoon - around 2pm and then 5pm! :D We'll be officially launching SingTel's Playcast Escape and Xperia Playstation Certified phone! 
I'll be cosplaying as the schoolgirl Mirai~ The event is open to everyone so hope to see you there! :D (No entrance fee) Will post exact location in Vivo as soon as they inform me. :)
Thats another benefit of being a cosplayer. You get the latest stuff before anyone elses. Not even the geeks won't say no with this. I wonder if her sister Ashley has one too?

April 20, 2011

Cosplayers VS Con-goers: What you should do?

A typical con - goer
In cosplay conventions, there are people who visit them regularly (con-goers) and people who love the art and portray as fictional characters (cosplayers). Every cosplayer and con-goer must have responsibilities that they must follow for the sake of respect, equality, and cooperation to each and every one of us.

As a cosplayer, you must:
1. Respect your fellow cosplayers the same way that they respect you.
2. Be professional. Attend conventions/events in a timely manner and cooperate with the organizers.
3. Be polite to everyone.
4. Know your limits. If you really need to go then just say “no”.
5. Be cooperative with the people around you.
6. Be entertaining with con-goers as well as cosplay photographers.
7. Learn how to project/pose when being taken by photographers.
8. Help fellow cosplayers when they are in need of assistance.
9. Research about the character. Act with what you wear.
10. Have fun and enjoy.

A cosplayer from NCPH
As a regular con-goer, he/she must:
1. Learn to be sociable with cosplayers as well as con-goers alike.
2. Learn to respect people’s opinions about the event.
3. Avoid asking sensitive information about a cosplayer unless they do so.
4. Obey rules assigned by the organizers when going to events.
5. You must be entertaining to the people around you.
6. You must have the discipline when taking pictures.
7. Never exposes secrets about certain cosplayers unless confirmed.
8. Don’t humiliate a cosplayer either directly or indirectly.
9. Avoid making a fight with a cosplayer, oraganizer, or fellow con-goer in the event proper.
10. Enjoy the event and definitely have fun.

April 13, 2011

Con-Goer Tips

Note: This is a guest post from Ron. He is a photographer and contributor on our site (Otakista.co.cc).

Me with cosplayer Sheila Navarro
Most people don’t know that going to cosplay conventions and competitions is fun. Others will say that it’s too expensive to go to a convention and it’s not that enjoyable. I can definitely tell you all that it is indeed fun. Let me give you some tips when going to cosplay conventions.

1. Have the interest and love for anime, games, and manga to enjoy every convention because ignoring it will definitely ruin your day especially when talking to other cosplayers and otakus alike.

2. Learn the date, time, and place of the cosplay convention you want to go. Ask friends that are active on cosplay conventions. Search the internet if you need information.

3. Be prepared. Bring a digital camera to take pictures of cosplayers.

4.Learn how to go to the event proper. Research routes and ask your friends on how to get to the event. If not then ask your friends if they can join you on the way to the event.

5. Learn how to spend your money wisely. Only bring what you only need and save some extra cash if you really need it. Avoid buying stuff at cons unless you intentionally save it for that purpose.

6.Always prepare a day or two prior to the event. Charge those batteries. Prepare your stuff and make sure never to forget important items. It’s always a bad moment when you have to take a picture and the battery runs out. (It happens a lot)

Well there you have it. I hope these simple tips would make your stay at conventions fun and hassle-free. :)

Why I Abhor Ozine?

Note: This is a guest post by cosplayer Mari Chii Perez

Given this time of the year, most of you who are reading this right now have probably just been in Ozine Fest Encore 2011, be it one afternoon or all three days. Even weeks before I've already been seeing enthusiastic Facebook statuses talking about Ozine Fest and I've been flooded with friends asking whether I will grace the said event or not. But to all of them, I said 'no,' 'nope and never will'-- basically, I've given everyone who asked and consulted about Ozine Fest a negative answer. Most of whom I have expressed a negative opinion upon have also asked why I bear such pessimistic resentments, and it's been quite tiring to repeat the story to each person every time, especially when the story is sad and of a bad ending. So my comrades, allow me to enlighten you to why I abhor Ozine events.

It all started March last year, when I got an invite from a close family friend to join them in their Final Fantasy Group Cosplay for Ozine fest 2010. Upon reading the details of the invite, I was all giddy and enthusiastic to what this Ozine Fest was as I had never attended one and immediately, I checked the event posters and details online only to be more excited that there would be a Karaoke Contest. The moment I read that announcement I wasted no time in dilly dallying and started rehearsing the song I wanted to sing (Flavor of Life -Ballad Verion- by Utada Hikaru) in hopes of being able to give a good performance and impression to the otakus I would meet. You can tell how my heart was into this thing as on the first day (audition day), my iTunes reported that I had already practiced the song almost 50 times. I gave it my all on the first day despite the epic delays of schedules and was thankful to have made it to the semi finals.

On the day of the semi finals, unfortunately, was also the scheduled day for Group Cosplay. On first glance, one would not be worried about the two events being scheduled on the same day as Ozine had two stages that could accommodate two simultaneous events; however, real problems arose as some semi finalists for the karaoke competition were also participants of the group cosplay. The karaoke competition which was originally scheduled to happen earlier than the Group Cosplay kept on getting delayed and delayed until it ended up starting the same time as the Group Cosplay did. The organizers of Ozine, instead of finding out who among the participants joined both contests, just put on a cold shoulder and neglected what could happen next. The contest started off smoothly with contestants 1-4 with three pure karaoke contestants and one dual participant who voluntarily sang just half of his song as he was a participant of the group cosplay. But when it was my turn (me being contestant number 5), in order to just give way to the next contestant to be able to join her group cosplay skit, one female organizer forced me to bow down at the middle of my song and get off the stage. If you don't believe me, then here's some proof:

I am not trying to be a spoiled brat here complaining that I was forced down, but rather I am very disappointed at the irresponsibility and negligence of the Ozine staff in charge of that stage at that time. First of all, they SHOULD have been more responsible in carrying out their schedules and plans.They should have followed through with the schedule since there were no emergency nor life threatening delays anyways (the delays were more of due to participants not yet showing up and with delayed action of higher ups). Second, they SHOULD have been prepared that some contestants had joined both contests or if not, they should have just advised all otakus in the event to choose only 1 contest to join in. Third, like what I pointed out awhile ago, they SHOULD have inquired and known who among the contestants were part of the group cosplay as well so that they could have been offered the choice to sing early (to make it to their skit) or sing last (after their skit) or sing just half of their song (like what one voluntarily did) or just defer their participation completely. Fourth, in the polite world, unless there is a life threatening emergency or situation or profanity/ violence shown, you NEVER force anyone down from the stage no matter how much you feel like it. Not only was it insulting to me to suddenly be forced to bow but it was also unfair as I was the only contestant not in the group cosplay who was forced to come down. At the time I was pulled off the stage, so many thoughts entered my mind but one prevailed-- "Did I suck so bad they had to pull me out?"

The sad part is that the part of the song left for me to finish at the time I was pulled of the stage did not even surpass two minutes and the contestant after me performed her skit much, much later than the time I was forced down-- as organizers, is it right to give in to the extreme panic of one contestant at the expense of the dignity of another? And mind you guys, the lady who forced me down did not even apologize nor explain herself; were the judges who had nothing to do with it even the ones who apologized to me later on.

You think that my ranting blog post ends here but unfortunately it does not. Still thankful at the time that I made it to the finals, I mustered up my dignity for a third day only to be booed at by one of the event organizers. Proof also here:

Being exposed to amateur singing gigs and costrip gigs, I already had a strong idea of how some audiences can be judgmental and harsh towards others as they are difficult to track down and given punishment/ sanction, but I was disheartened by the fact that the one who made those heckler sounds was in fact one of the event organizers. He, as an organizer, was one of the persons supposed to enforce discipline and goodwill at the event, but unfortunately what he did was set a bad example to convention goers. What's more is that with his actions, he made all the other staff look bad when in fact, there are some ozine staff who are truly loving and dedicated towards the job. In other words, what he showed was pure unprofessionalism.

I may just be an amateur, relatively unknown singer and cosplayer, but I believe that even I deserve respect and dignity onstage. Some may call it pride, but I call it standing up for what I think is right-- to not support events that have leading organizers who are this rude and unprofessional. I know all of you may have different views and standpoints, but this is what's mine, and I thank you for reading it up to this point.

That's why the next time you ask me if I'm attending an Ozine event and I say 'no,' please refer to this blog entry instead. Thank You

April 6, 2011

From Modelling to Cosplay : Jojo Navz

Many cosplayers in the local industry have been successful in entering the modelling business. Many of those include the cosplay goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao. As a contrast models are also starting to appear in the cosplay industry. A good example is this fine lady here. Jojo Navz has been modelling from a long time and started cosplaying as another form of expression not only to her fan base but also with fellow photographers and organizers alike.

Heres a video featuring her cosplaying for the second time in SM Marikina:

April 1, 2011

Alodia Is Back!

Author Note: Check out the full article from Mike Abundo's  website here

The rumors are finally put to rest as cosplay goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao made a revelation. She posted a video on her official youtube page. Check this one out:

It seems we don't need to worry about her departure from the cosplay world for now. Happy April Fools Day!