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Pasko Mechaniko! (Pasko Magnifico)

(Check our set of pictures from this event HERE)

The Venice Plaza at night 
Most of you guys would probably be sleeping or getting ready for school but these guys are different. What if you put the best of the best mecha cosplayers in one great setting? The Otakuzine Cosplay competition was held last November 29 at the Venice Plaza Grounds in McKinley Hill, Taguig as part of the range of all-week activities of the "Pasko Magnifico" celebration. 

Pre-registration started at two in the afternoon.With lots of performances from the chorale and other bands to spice up the place, the cosplayers started to arrive in preparation for the competition proper.

One cosplay contestant's costume.
Did you guys event imagine how heavy these are?
With the arrival of the cosplayers comes their big and bulky storage bags but the organizers where ready with this situation.They provided areas to leave their costumes while they wait for the others. We never thought that there would be non-mecha cosplayers coming but it's also coincidence that this would turn up to be a "MECHA" only competition. The breezy clouds and it's misty rain splatters didn't stop the cosplayers from staying outside. We think that we just got lucky afterwards.

The skies weren't cooperating but we all got lucky 
It was six in the evening when the cosplay proper started. It's was a the "Clash of the MECHA". From the new guys to the veterans like Pablo Bairan, Guy Singzon, and RB Cheng, the competition fired up and the crowd and started to gather around them. Taking pictures and meeting with their childhood fantasies from anime series like Transformers, Gundam, and Zoids. The place became nostalgic as the night showers the area with lights and christmas ornaments.

After the competition was the cosplay parade around the entire plaze. Many people started to take pictures and chit-chat with their fellow cosplayers. The winners were announced at 7pm. Third placer is Bolen Lareza while 2nd is Abraham Cruz and the champion is Rb Cheng cosplaying his signature character from the Zoids series. When will be the next MECHA BATTLE take place? Keep your eyes and ears on us and stay tune for more updates.

Winners (from Left to Right):
RB Cheng (1st), Abraham Cruz (2nd), Bolen Lareza (3rd)

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