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Kimeru Motoharu Says Goodbye

Kimeru as Luffy 
Along with huge successes this past week is a surprising news to the community as cosplayer Kimeru Motoharu had passed away on Tuesday, June 21 due to a severe heart failure which had confined him for a couple of days.

Marlon Lapada (his real name) is one of those cosplayers with not only the passion for cosplay but also a person which most of his referred to as "a man with a golden heart". His humbleness creates a vibe that is unique to those who knew him personally. It's definitely a shock when the news started to spread out. 

He first appeared to the community back in 2008. Marlon was respected in the community as a creative props maker and cosplayer and went famous for cosplaying Sena Kobayakawa of the anime series "Eyeshield 21".

We will miss this fine cosplayer. May his memories and accomplishments inspire others to pursue their dreams and to let humbleness and friendship rule in their hearts. Sayonara! :) 

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