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Asia Cosplay Meet Philippines 2011

As part of the vast amount of events happened at ToyCon, the philippine leg of the Asia Cosplay Meet (ACM) competition was held on June 18 2011 on megatrade hall 3 of SM Megamall. Using the stage for the shooting of "Cosplay Nation" became one of the most talked about events, especially the groups involved and the time and effort that they took for the love of cosplay and to please the crowd.

Moments after shooting footage for its first day, the contest proper started. With six cosplay groups buying for the title and recognition for the country, the teams performed on stage. Some of them have backdrops while others used elaborate costumes and props for the crowd to enjoy. It was once of those moments where cosplay became real which we felt along.

Along with the performances was an interview with Jia Gold Bustamante, one of the winners from last years ACM. She explains about her experiences,preparations and the changes in her life after their group became the winner to represent the country for last years event. It was motivating and inspiring to all who witnessed it. 

In the end it was a huge success. Congratulations to all the winners and participants. Good luck on representing the country and may god help you along the way. 

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