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Dolldelight Going Stateside?

Good luck :)
This is probably a sad news to all of us as Cyril Lumboy (Dolldelight) is going to america. It was confirmed on her facebook fan page as well as her personal account:

This would be the last photo I'm uploading until I get settled in California. To me, it is a rather hopeful photo, the ideal emotion for what I am currently experiencing. I honestly do not know what lies ahead, but I would like to think that it would be a sunny, happy place for me and my dreams. To those who have supported me in my strength and weakness, I thank you so much. I hope you would extend that same support and patronage especially now that I am a writing a new chapter of my life. ♥

Known in the community as a pioneer in gothic fashion, we will all miss her. She was featured in articles as well as a local representative for Gothic Lolita Wigs in which they specialize on wigs and accessories. We hope she can start a new life in the land of the opportunity and hope her success will continue with new challenges ahead of her.

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