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Why We Need To Respect GamerTotoy?

Note: You can check GamerTotoy's website here
Nicolo Sanchez a.k.a "Gamertotoy"
I know this is kinda ironic for a post but let’s stop for a minute and think about what this character (or group) in the local cosplay scene gave to us. Many people hate him while others started to get curious about his rants for which affects and sometimes offends cosplayers as well as photographers and people related to this expertise.

For heaven’s sake who is this “GamerTotoy” anyway? Known simply by many as “GT” in the community, he is considered by many as an internet troll who specializes in trolling the community with his honest while absurd articles as well as the most interesting topics that you can get from the four corners of the cosplay community.

To fully understand why we should give a clap to this person (or group) allow me to share some of my thoughts. Three years ago when the cosplay scene was not much big to what were facing right now I personally got less if not any interesting info. The news about cosplay was littered with news and write - ups that concentrate about the positives of cosplaying locally. It’s a must that as a writer you state the truth about it no matter how hard it is for people to accept.

But did people take the initiative for expressing the wrongdoings in the community? Before there wasn’t a body that represents it until GT came. He used it to his advantage in a very unconventional way. He targeted people, made posts which are intentional and humiliated some with his comments. He even started to show up on conventions. It’s like the highest form of trolling you can get.

Of course, I can’t simply deny that fact that his methods aren’t digestible to the public. If he could simply make articles which are not biased in any form or way then people might consider give respect to him and to his team that strives everyday to bring us content that is reliable and for some insulting. But I will accept that because of him, journalism now exists in cosplay. Writers now start to be responsible and a new breed of writers, photographers, and reporters starts to emerge in the community. Cosplay Journalism was born because of “GT” and we need to accept it.

As for the people who got targeted by his posts, all I can say is “forgive, but don’t forget”. Think of it as a way realizing that you’re doing something wrong and you need to do the right thing next time. As for us cosplay journalists now it’s the time that we write for the truth for cosplayers and to all who are involved in this world we live upon.

As for “GT” and his gang, all I can say is thank you. You gave us the chance to prove what the community is all about. I'm not saying that you’re wrong and were right. It simply gives us a sense of awareness in what we should show, write and report around the local scene. If you’re a reader of their blog ask yourself “Why I regularly visit it even though its articles are so rude and injustice?” Well all we can say about is …. you were intrigued …. CHEERS! :)

Authors Endnote: This post is intended to show the brighter side of "GT". We do not promote harassing cosplayers in any sort of way. We also do not promote the actions of "GT" and his group neither promoting his blog nor using them as an excuse to express direct statements to their victims and it's members. If you find this post insulting then it's your right share the freedom of democracy by commenting below. -Ch@Dog

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