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Cosplayers VS Con-goers: What you should do?

A typical con - goer
In cosplay conventions, there are people who visit them regularly (con-goers) and people who love the art and portray as fictional characters (cosplayers). Every cosplayer and con-goer must have responsibilities that they must follow for the sake of respect, equality, and cooperation to each and every one of us.

As a cosplayer, you must:
1. Respect your fellow cosplayers the same way that they respect you.
2. Be professional. Attend conventions/events in a timely manner and cooperate with the organizers.
3. Be polite to everyone.
4. Know your limits. If you really need to go then just say “no”.
5. Be cooperative with the people around you.
6. Be entertaining with con-goers as well as cosplay photographers.
7. Learn how to project/pose when being taken by photographers.
8. Help fellow cosplayers when they are in need of assistance.
9. Research about the character. Act with what you wear.
10. Have fun and enjoy.

A cosplayer from NCPH
As a regular con-goer, he/she must:
1. Learn to be sociable with cosplayers as well as con-goers alike.
2. Learn to respect people’s opinions about the event.
3. Avoid asking sensitive information about a cosplayer unless they do so.
4. Obey rules assigned by the organizers when going to events.
5. You must be entertaining to the people around you.
6. You must have the discipline when taking pictures.
7. Never exposes secrets about certain cosplayers unless confirmed.
8. Don’t humiliate a cosplayer either directly or indirectly.
9. Avoid making a fight with a cosplayer, oraganizer, or fellow con-goer in the event proper.
10. Enjoy the event and definitely have fun.

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