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Con-Goer Tips

Note: This is a guest post from Ron. He is a photographer and contributor on our site (

Me with cosplayer Sheila Navarro
Most people don’t know that going to cosplay conventions and competitions is fun. Others will say that it’s too expensive to go to a convention and it’s not that enjoyable. I can definitely tell you all that it is indeed fun. Let me give you some tips when going to cosplay conventions.

1. Have the interest and love for anime, games, and manga to enjoy every convention because ignoring it will definitely ruin your day especially when talking to other cosplayers and otakus alike.

2. Learn the date, time, and place of the cosplay convention you want to go. Ask friends that are active on cosplay conventions. Search the internet if you need information.

3. Be prepared. Bring a digital camera to take pictures of cosplayers.

4.Learn how to go to the event proper. Research routes and ask your friends on how to get to the event. If not then ask your friends if they can join you on the way to the event.

5. Learn how to spend your money wisely. Only bring what you only need and save some extra cash if you really need it. Avoid buying stuff at cons unless you intentionally save it for that purpose.

6.Always prepare a day or two prior to the event. Charge those batteries. Prepare your stuff and make sure never to forget important items. It’s always a bad moment when you have to take a picture and the battery runs out. (It happens a lot)

Well there you have it. I hope these simple tips would make your stay at conventions fun and hassle-free. :)

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