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Alodia Gets Hands Of PSPhone (Sort of!)

Is that a PSPhone? Well ask Alodia 

This is really gets interesting as cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao manages to hold one of the latest phones from Sony Ericsson. Initially nicknamed by the internet community as "PSPhone" the company now unveils it as the new Sony Xperia Play. It combines the gaming power of the famous Playstation Portable (PSP) and infuses it with the touch screen and mobile capability of the Sony Xperia series phones.

Not only that she became an ambassador for Sony's Playcast Escape gaming service. While the Xperia Play doesn't support UMD's just like its PSP counterpart the phone utilizes downloads for playing on the said device.

Heres the official statement from Alodia's official facebook fan page: 
Hello everyone! To those in Singapore, see you at Vivo City this Friday! :) Sometime in the afternoon - around 2pm and then 5pm! :D We'll be officially launching SingTel's Playcast Escape and Xperia Playstation Certified phone! 
I'll be cosplaying as the schoolgirl Mirai~ The event is open to everyone so hope to see you there! :D (No entrance fee) Will post exact location in Vivo as soon as they inform me. :)
Thats another benefit of being a cosplayer. You get the latest stuff before anyone elses. Not even the geeks won't say no with this. I wonder if her sister Ashley has one too?

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