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This is not your ordinary Pocky Box

Pocky Choco Banana with Kristine Dinglasan's signature.

I went to Tamashii Con last saturday. Too bad I didn't bought my camera (my father had it). Started asking people out as usual then I stumbled upon Kristine Dinglasan. I got the chance to talk to her for awhile. Interesting fact about her is that even though she went to be an endorser for Pocky Philippines she never had a chance to to get on stage. 

It was one of my experiences. I will never forget it. The event was a complete success in every angle. Congratulations to all the organizers, tenants, cosplayers, the staff and crew for making it a huge success. I also want to thank Mike Abundo, Raymond Sison, and Kristine Dinglasan. Had so much fun with you guys. Until next event. 
Me and Kristine with the Pocky Box. Credit to Mr. Raymond Sison

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