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The Story Behind The Otakista Logo

Official Logo
Started as a simple side project of a friend of mine, this was turned out to be the final logo for the site. Here's the story behind the logo. The story starts with we need a logo for our brand new site (this one) so I contacted a couple of people. Turns out my least expected friend accepted the offer to do it for free. Jhay Rosario accepted my offer saying to me that it's time to return the favor.

Initial proposed version of the logo. Really it lacks something.
This was he proposed logo. I really want to accept this one but for some odd reason my one of my friends said "It lacks something. Something that makes it stand out as an otaku site for pinoys". So I got a chance to meet Jhay personally to his place.
Jhay's computer. Where it all began.

I got a chance to see how he works his thing. Never thought that all of his skills were enhanced with a simple cpu and a 17 inch monitor. As we go along I decided to change the logo to depict the filipino flare that we want. At last we decided to change the logo to resemble the sun and the star from the filipino flag.
Changing the logo to resemble the filipino flag.
Got it fixed. Messing with the logo to fit.
It was a long day but it was definitely worth the hassle. Special thanks to Jhay Rosario for the help and time for fixing us up with this great logo. If you want to see some of his works you do so HERE.

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